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    His name is Abu Bakr Ibn Mohamed Al Shatri, he was born in 1970 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), he is imam and Qur’an reciter in Saudi.

    He was grew up in jeddah. He finished his Holy Qur'an learning from Cheikh Aymane Rochidi Suwaid in 1416 Hijriah then he get a mastery acounting four years later.

    Abu Bakr Al Shatri has lead prayers in many Saudi mosques like Al Rajihi, Said Ibn Jubair (Kandara), Abdullatif Jamil, Attakwa (Al Rawda), AChouiaibi (Assalama). He is currently the imam of Al Furkane Mosque in Hay Annassim, Jeddah.

    Abu Bakr Al Shatri participated in numerous Islamic conferences and events in many Muslim countries like Egypt, South Africa, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

    Abu Bakr Al Shatri is married and has four children. He is known as Abi Abdarrahmane.

    : أشرطة فيديو لأبي بكر الشاطري
    Download his recitation here (30 Juz)

    Recitation when he was child

    Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Surah Al-Mulk

    Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Surah Al-Waqi'ah

    Very emotional recitation by Abu Bakr Al-Shatri

    Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Surah Ar-Rahman

    Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Surah Al-Kahfi

    Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Surah An-Naba

    Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Surah Thaha

    Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Surah Al-Ma'arij

    Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Surah Al-Muthafifin

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