The English Translation of Sahih Al Bukhari With the Arabic Text (9 volume set)

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    forget that shiite who made that bad review

    you know people like that have their head in the gutter and they have to study the hadith

    bukhari narrated the most hadith and this is a treasure for us to have.

    study the hadith read through it, the hadith even give explanations of surahs in the Quran, parts
    of shariah, and stories of the prophet (may peace be upon him)

    ahadith can easily be taken out of context or misunderstood. It is good to have a teacher who knows hadith
    and speaks arabic.
    I have teachers i could talk to whenever i am confused about something. I have however read a deal of
    bukhari, Muslim, and other hadith collections

    the more you read and study the more you understand the sunnah and the ahadith, Imam bukhari went to different places

    of the Muslim world to those sahaba or those related to sahaba and subhannallah he even had a dream that the
    prophet (may peace be upon him) came to him and APPROVED what he was doing!

    This is a way to preserve sunnah, so we should take our time to study and understand the ahadith

    like Allah says in the Quran "whatever he (the prophet may peace be upon him) give you follow, whatever he
    forbids you stay away from it" (sorry this is from the top of my head and might not be the exact quote, but
    this is what is said in the Quran)

    Allah said to listen to the prophet (may peace be upon him) in the Quran and this applies to all times.
    Tafsir is also a great series of books, many ahadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim. Read it and you will also
    see the importance of ahadith

    Bukhari recognized to have a high power memorized, recognized by his brother Rashid bin Ismail. Said the priest's sister, ever young Bukhari and several other students attend classes and lectures scholars Balkh. Unlike other students, Bukhari never make lecture notes. He is often criticized for not wasting time record, but the silence Bukhari did not answer. One day, feeling upset to censure it, Bukhari asked his friends to bring their records, and then he read exactly what was delivered during the lectures and lecture. They were amazed, because Bukhari apparently memorized 15,000 hadith by heart, complete with captions that they had no record.

    While in Baghdad, Imam Bukhari was visited by 10 hadith experts who want to test the height of his science. In the meeting, 10 scholars are asking 100 pieces hadith deliberately "twisted" to test rote Imam Bukhari. But the result is awesome. Imam Bukhari repeated exactly each hadith is wrong, then correct the mistake, then read the hadith that point. He mentioned the entire hadith is wrong is in his head, in order, according to the order and sequence of hadith questioner asked, then fix it. This is the most extraordinary of the Priest, because he was able to memorize in just one hearing.

    As well as an expert on hadith, Imam Bukhari did not forget about other activities, namely sports. He might actually learn archery to advanced, so it is said throughout his life, the Imam never misses in archery but only twice. The situation arose as the implementation of the Sunnah of the Prophet which encourage and recommend Muslims learn to use arrows and other tools of war.

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